Custom e-learning development for the industry

Highly interactive cross-media e-learning content for the industry: that is what we do and that is what our work shows. Over the years, we have gathered a team of in-house professionals for every aspect of e-learning development, from concept and instructional design to (technical) writing, audio and video production, 2D/3D animation, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), software engineering and authoring.

What sets us apart?

​Simple: our conviction - or call it stubborness - of what good e-learning is all about.

We believe that e-learning design is a specialized field, not a carbon-copy by-product of classroom training or an operator’s manual.

We think boredom is the enemy of e-learning, so we create rich media and highly interactive and immersive content.

Because we produce everything in-house, we can without bias select the optimal medium and visualization for each learning object.

We focus on technical and industrial e-learning and know the specific requirements and typical subject matters.

We deliver as promised within the time constraints and budgetary boundaries you define.

We’re pretty down-to-earth. We offer value for money and tangible, measurable results.

Track record

Ever since our start in 1984 - when e-learning was called computer-based training (CBT) - we have always succeeded in marrying the state-of-the-art technology with the needs of lasting knowledge transfer and clear, concise, tailor-made training packages.

While technology evolved, our focus stayed the same: providing large multinational companies with efficient, enthusing e-learning content on the most varied technical and corporate subjects, in as many languages as needed.

When immersive technologies were introduced - VR, AR, MR - we were among the first to bring these innovations to industrial training.

All this has allowed us to gain an unparalleled experience in numerous industries. Delivering captivating e-learning content throughout their global organization.

And building a reference list that counts many of the Fortune Global 500 companies.

Other divisions

Because we are a cross-media and multi-skills organisation, we have channeled some of those skills into business units with a clear focus. Joining specialists in the respective fields, but with all the benefits of the cross-fertilization and production infrastructure of the whole. Each division has its own subject matter experts, conceptual designers and writers. General services like video and audio production, graphics work, animation, interactive design and software development are shared between the divisions.

HSE information & training

Working safely takes more than permits, procedures or protection. It is a behaviour people develop by consistent and targeted communications and interactive & AR/VR training.

B2B marketing & communications

Creative digital content and tools for marketing and sales, interactive and immersive experiences, web applications and sophisticated 2D and 3D animation.