Instructional design

Our learning architects know that instructional design for e-learning is very different from the textbook or classroom approach. They take into account both the opportunities and constraints of computer-based training, and design true cross-media, effective learning experiences.


Our instructional designers are crucial to the project's success. On the one hand, they rely on academic models that relate to cognitive skills, ensuring that the trainees learn efficiently and acquire the intended knowledge or skill. On the other hand, they analyse the learning objectives of the client, the training content to be conveyed, and the assessment needs. As they have a long track record, also in technical e-learning courses, they speak the language of the client's Subject Matter Experts, resulting in an efficient cooperation throughout the project.

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The learning architects avoid the pitfall of designing e-learning similar to classroom training or printed matter. They know how different the approach has to be and don’t lose themselves in an abundance of linear textual information. Together with our multimedia developers, they design every learning activity with a clear structure, a high degree of interactivity and presented in a visual, digestible manner using audio, video, animation, simulation, gamification...


E-learning has evolved from the classic desktop experience to a "learn everywhere" concept. The device on which the course is taken can be the laptop of a remote worker, the tablet of a field worker or the smartphone of a salesperson. Our designers will tailor the experience for all required delivery types and will create bite-size microlearning modules where appropriate.

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