Learning management

We produce course content that is ready for uploading to all standards compliant LMS environments.
If an LMS is not available, we can produce a stand-alone version that handles authentication and logging of course results. Integration with legacy systems or non-LMS web-based services can be offered as well.


LEARN24 can deliver courses in all common formats used by Learning Management Systems: cmi5, Tin Can API, SCORM2004, SCORM 1.4 and AICC. Due to variations in the standards implementation by different LMS manufacturers, some tweeking may be required, especially when detailed statistics or complex data exchanges between the course and the LMS are needed.

During the development of the courses, the customer can assess intermediate versions online, without the need of uploading them to the corporate LMS first. This allows for short feedback and approval cycles.

Learn24 LMS integration
Learn24 proprietory lms


When a corporate Learning Management System is not (yet) available, LEARN24 can produce a stand-alone "shell" to run the e-learning courses in.

Depending on the needs, its features can range from basic authentication and result logging to sophisticated web services that interact with third-party legacy or cloud-based systems.