Project management

From the initial briefing and needs analysis to the delivery and roll-out of the e-learning course, we can be your single partner.
An experienced project manager will oversee our in-house multidisciplinary teams, and will make sure the project is completed within the agreed timeline and budget.


Every e-learning assignment is managed by a single project manager who will be your contact from start to finish.
He will gather an internal multidisciplinary team to cover every aspect of the creative and design process. We take pride in developing all courses internally, so there is no need for freelancers or subcontractors.

After a detailed briefing by the client, our team will brainstorm on the optimal approach for the course and the appropriate visualisation techniques. Each specialist will estimate the amount of work for his discipline. The project manager will aggregate all input into a quotation and a timeline.

Once the project is confirmed, the project manager will control and verify the different phases, while making sure we remain within the agreed budget and timeline. It's an interactive process with intermediate feedback and approvals from the client, until the final result meets all requirements.


A new project starts with setting the targets: defining the learning goals, the user profiles and their current (lack of) knowledge, the learning architecture and the right approach to obtain trainee acceptance and motivation.

The next step is the instructional design, using tools like mind maps, storyboards, wireframes, prototypes... until a clear design and script are approved by all stakeholders.

The content development and creation of digital assets are a multidisciplinary team effort. More details can be found on the other Services pages on this website.

Once all ingredients and quizzes are ready, the script and course design are the anchor points to build a working course, using standard authoring tools.

Finally, the course is thoroughly tested and, once approved, rolled out to trainees via the client's LMS.

Learn24 project management timing
  • dedicated project manager
  • single point of contact
  • needs assessment and information gathering
  • supervision and budget control of...

    • instructional design
    • content development
    • creation of digital assets
    • course authoring
    • roll-out in cooperation with client IT