Virtual Reality (VR)

As soon as the trainee puts on the headset, he enters the virtual world - lifelike, somewhat real or totally imaginary - and learns in a very hands-on and intuitive manner.
We create custom Virtual Reality (VR) training courses, with 360° video, 3D animated ingredients and real-time tracking of headset and controllers.
Ideal for training in environments that are too distant, limited in access or risk prone. Or simply because it puts the fun in learning.


VR training is very immersive and hands-on but has other advantages too: the trainee interacts with a safe and harmless world. Working on a virtual installation does not create real production risks; lab experiments leave no toxic fumes. If a trainee breaks virtual machinery or causes an explosion in a virtual chemical plant, the only damage is his reputation.

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Entering a VR world is interactive by definition: moving your head lets you look around in a lifelike manner. Walking around the room is translated into movement in the virtual world. Hand gestures or controllers allow you to manipulate objects and do real-world exercises.

VR is so much more immersive and interactive than any form of traditional e-learning. Well-made VR training offers the trainee an experience that is very similar to real-life learning: gathering information, deciding on an approach and acting on it.

VR training also allows to build quizzes and tests that finally bring true gamification to learning.


Building a VR training application requires the talent of many people: learning architects, script writers, graphics designers, 3D modelers and animators, software engineers and VR developers.

As a one-stop-shop, we have built such teams, and installed the required software tools, under one roof. This allows us to produce the whole VR training in-house, ensuring consistent quality and a single point of contact. Our experience and 100% focus on corporate and industrial training gives us the edge in creating virtual factories, virtual labs, virtual machinery and so on.

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