Content development

Our in-house production teams combine creativity with in-depth knowledge of the best tools and the optimal approach to building e-learning content. Applying the most appropriate visualisation technique for the subject matter, whether it's (info)graphics, 2D/3D or cartoon animation, video or XR.


Content produced by LEARN24 is widely acclaimed and often cited as “a standard to follow” within the industry. Because we have all the required skills in-house, we are unbiased in the selection of the best medium to optimise the knowledge transfer for each topic. The resulting content is clear, concise, captivating and interactive.

To achieve this, LEARN24 has built an extensive digital production infrastructure and gathered a broad team of senior specialists in design, 2D & 3D animation, broadcast quality audio and video production and AR/VR.


A team of conceptual and graphics designers develop a visual style and the perfect imagery to visualise your e-learning content.
With access to numerous image libraries and a wide experience in photo shoots, infographics creation and professional layout, we make sure the design and illustrations are not only highly explanatory but also captivating and attractive. And always in full compliance with your corporate identity.

Learn24 content graphics design
Learn24 content 3 D animation


Our animation team has built a solid reputation in a broad spectrum of 2D & 3D animations, ranging from highly technical animations, explaining the inner workings of equipment or simulating processes, to virtual product or factory tours. They manage to add a creative touch to even the most technical subject matter, and always with a polished and professional appearance.


Video and audio are crucial ingredients in e-learning. We create high-end video content with in-house facilities and equipment, and senior specialists for every aspect of the process. Voice-over is recorded in our studios, with professional speakers for every language needed. Our camera crews are highly experienced in filming at corporate or factory locations.

More information on our video production services can be found on the dedicated video services page.

Learn24 content audiovisual
Learn24 content VR sample


VR, AR and MR have started a revolution in the way e-learning can be turned into an immersive experience. VR puts the trainee in a virtual world where he can learn and exercise in a lifelike but safe environment. AR and MR add learning or informational content to the real world, allowing for on-the-job training or assistance. Traditional e-learning can hardly compete with immersive training when it comes to interactivity and intuitive learning.

More information on our immersive training can be found on the dedicated pages for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.


Boredom is the enemy of e-learning. In the courses we build, we integrate many types of interactions, to keep the trainee alert and interested. Not just the obligatory quiz at the end, but intermediate anticipatory exercises and knowledge tests as well.
Depending on the case, we can apply a layered approach with different degrees of difficulty to test the trainee according to his level.

We apply a variety of formats to questions and exercises, from a simple multiple-choice or drag-and-drop to sophisticated interactions within video sequences or animations.


All multimedia ingredients, graphics, animations, questions and exercises come together in the authoring phase. In line with the instructional design, our e-learning specialists will combine all the assets into a robust, captivating course.

During the development, the customer can assess intermediate versions and provide feedback along the way. The end result is a-well tested course, in all required languages, and ready for upload to the Learning Management System.